About Us

About Illinois Latino Agenda

About Us

The Illinois Latino Agenda (ILA) is a coalition that is leading with a bold commitment to advocate for the needs of our people as a collective voice true to Latino/a/x cultural values.

The Illinois Latino Agenda is working to amplify the needs of Latinos in Illinois and highlight their contributions so that government, elected officials, philanthropic organizations, and corporations bring equitable investments into our communities.

The members of Illinois Latino Agenda have decades of experience serving Latinos in Illinois by providing frontline services, managing advocacy efforts, conducting in-depth research into what our communities need, and responding to crises that impact our communities.

Strengthening bonds with other communities

The Illinois Latino Agenda is passionate about building allyship with other communities throughout Illinois, including the Black, Asian, and Native American communities.

Illinois Latino Agenda members know Latinos aren’t the only communities experiencing disparities and Illinois Latino Agenda wants to build allyship so that our communities don’t fall prey to the narrative that we have to fight each other for resources.

Some of the organizations ILA members lead

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