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We believe that as a collective we are powerful and influential, and we’re welcoming in new members to join our coalition across generation and service sectors..  We want ILA to have longevity and continue  to serve our communities for a long time, building on the strong foundation that already exists.   Together as a collective our voice will continue to unfold and give power to our communities. We wantand give form to a moral voice that will steer our community and center our work.

We’re looking for individuals who have a demonstrated track record of working to improve the quality of life of Latinos/as/x in Illinois and who want to connect with other like-minded leaders who want to serve and make a difference for their communities.. Together we can have a greater impact on improving the social, political, and economic wellbeing of Latinos/as/x in Illinois.

Joining the Illinois Latino Agenda is becoming part of a group of passionate leaders who want to share their wealth of knowledge and resources so that we can all uplift our community together. Together we are stronger with a wider reach.

  • Growing your support network and forming connections that will help maximize personal/organizational efforts and impact in the communities you serve
  • Having impact on our communities through policy and advocacy
  • Being part of a collective that advocates for equitable investments in the Latino community
  • Contributing personal knowledge about the communities you serve and care about most, which can guide new Illinois Latino Agenda initiatives 
  • Having the support of a group of experienced and resourced leaders

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Become A Member

Learn More About Our Mission And Purpose

Watch our recruitment event video to learn about the important initiatives, mission, and purpose of the Illinois Latino Agenda coalition.

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